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Fresh Cigars

Our cigars are rolled fresh, just for your event, and many are rolled in front of you! Bringing skills and traditions from the old days in the DR, each cigar is hand rolled. An amazing work of art!



Our cigar rollers are authentically trained in the old ways of the Dominican Republic. Most of our rollers are immigrants from the DR!




Cigars have been around to celebrate and relax for many hundreds of years, but having a cigar roller at your event will separate yours from all other events throughout the year!



Dominican Cigars

Fresh, hand rolled, Dominican Cigars, some featuring Nicarauguan, Equadorian, Mexican or Connecticut Shade wrappers, our goal is to create the perfect cigar for your taste!



Artful Demonstrations

Years of training combine with an entertaining presentation providing you with the greatest thing to set your celebration apart from all others!



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